My Philosophy

Gary D. Wright, Attorney at Law



I always knew I wanted to be a litigator.  As is often the case in life, the path to my ultimate career wasn’t laid out in a clearly defined way but instead revealed itself over time.  As the only jurisdiction in the metropolitan area with rent control in effect, I soon learned that navigating Washington, D.C.’s landlord/tenant laws can be a challenge for many businesses (large or small) unfamiliar with their legal requirements and expectations as landlords.


I’ve spent many years working with commercial landlords to ensure they understand the legal and practical realities of owning property in the District of Columbia to safeguard their businesses while operating effectively and profitably within the law.  Over two decades I’ve built contacts, business relationships, and trust within the landlord/tenant community. My experience in the D.C. landlord/tenant court system is unparalleled; and as D.C. property owners know, this experience often makes the difference between a long expensive dispute and a prompt resolution which saves their businesses both time and money.


Whether it’s a landlord/tenant case, commercial leasing, contracts or any other commercial litigation in any of the metro area’s three jurisdictions, I pride myself on providing timely and no-nonsense legal counsel to all of the clients I serve.


In addition to serving my own clients I also frequently co-counsel with other lawyers and law firms in D.C., Maryland and Virginia seeking litigation expertise.